Newcastle Benfield Manager Stuart Elliott gives his view on his first set of games in charge of the Lions

Since joining the club I have been delighted at the way the players have responded to me. Their attitudes, effort to work and quality have been outstanding, and this has shown in training and their match performances.

Generally when you arrive at a club as manager, the club is near the bottom of the league, can’t score or stop goals and has no confidence. This has been the total opposite and credit must go to previous managers for bringing such quality to the club.

Getting to know the players personally, their abilities and characters is very important to me. This is something I have tried to do quickly and has been helped hugely by Brassy and his knowledge, also the players themselves. This is key to planning for next season and something that can be a massive benefit to the club.

So far the performances have been very consistent and entertaining to watch. Even in our one defeat we played some terrific football and I feel dominated for big chunks of the game.

I’d like to thank the players and staff for all their hard work and support so far, and long may it continue.

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