The long Road to Recovery….

Newcastle Benfield defender Lewis Scorgie gives an insight into his injury and an update.

Lewis sustained his injury when he Jumped up for a header and landed badly in last seasons league cup semi final against Bishop Auckland. He damaged his lateral ligament in his right ankle which requires surgery to reconstruct it.

Depending on the operation date Lewis does not know if he will play this season. If an operation was to take place soon Lewis is hoping to be fit in time for the end of season and to use that as an early pre season to kick start next season.

The injury he sustained Playing in non league has definitely affected his job as he was off for 3 weeks and when he eventually has his operation He is looking at 10 weeks off work with only sick pay.

Newcastle Benfield Dylan Mcevoy gives an insight into his injury and and update.

Dylan sustained his injury due to the way he landed in a fixture on the 1st September against Stockton Town approximately 13 weeks ago following a high tackle just below his left knee.

He did not recall what happened to his foot as it was a blur due to the pain.

Dylan’s doctor informed him on the day it was 3 torn ligaments in the ankle, however he now understands that his injury is a rupture to one of those ligaments. He has a scheduled ultrasound scan on the 6th December at the Nuffield where he will receive a further update.

Dylan stated the injury has affected him outside of football as he has been laid up for 13 weeks not being able to do his normal routine.

To date Dylan is unable to predict when he will be back playing until He attends the hospital and a decision is made wether he requires an operation.

Newcastle Benfield are hoping for a speedy recovery for both of these young talented prospects .

When certain factions are asking for premier league clubs to donate a substantial amount as a farewell payment to a certain individual , spare a thought for those players throughout the country who are injured and unfortunately don’t have that security.

Support Non League football.

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