Benfield Banter

Fantastic evening to round off our pre season friendlies unbeaten. Thanks to Whickham for their hospitality and good luck for next season
Whickham 1
Newcastle Benfield 3
(Campbell 2 Riley 1)

Let's hope there is a pot of gold or silverware at the end of the Rainbow for us this season. (Tonight's evening view)

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Fantastic to see Kieran Wrightson back on the pitch again another massive step towards fitness.

Finally special thanks to our supporters who have agreed to sponsor a player. (See supporters player sponsorship page)

The following player sponsorship was taken today thanks to Gary Thompson for sponsoring

Dylan Mccevoy 👇

Thanks to Colin Thompson for sponsoring Mathew Grieve 👇

Thanks to Ann Thompson for sponsoring Kieran Wrightson.

Photos of tonight's game will be uploaded to social media soon.

Next week upcoming events 👇⚽️

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