Match report

Newcastle Benfield 1 Penrith 1
Wednesday 10th August 2016

After the heady heights of the F.A. Cup it was down to the bread and butter game against our friends in the North West in the shape of Penrith.  As always a well contested match was anticipated and so it proved.

Nothing of  great note occurred in the opening fifteen minutes but in the 16th minute Benfield opened the scoring, an excellent pass from Kieran Wrightson found Scott McCarthy, he in turn played a pass to PAUL BRAYSON who after twisting and turning hit a low right foot shot into the net making the score 1-0 to the home team.

This goal didn’t deter Penrith and they were unlucky when Richard Faustino’s cross to the far post found Richard Bell who saw his effort just clear the Benfield cross bar.

In the 22nd minute Benfield should have got a second goal in a bizarre situation, a long kick out by Benfield keeper Andrew Grainger went in the direction of Paul Brayson who took an almighty swing at the ball completely missing it, this deceived the Penrith defender Grant Davison allowing Brayson a run in on goal, proceeding forward he passed to Scott McCarthy who shot wide of the goal.
Twenty nine minutes had elapsed when Benfield were indebted  to  keeper Andrew Grainger, a long pass found the dangerous Penrith striker Martyn Coleman, poor defending between Benfield’s central defenders Lewis Scorgie and Steven Tobin allowed Coleman to shoot and bring  the  best out of Grainger. Two minutes later and it was again Scorgie and Tobin who were held off by the strong Penrith forward, this allowed Coleman a free shot at goal but he missed an easy chance to score.
Benfield’s defenders were finding it hard to contain Coleman and again in the 32nd minute it took another fine save from the Benfield keeper Andrew Grainger to deny him.

The game entered the 40th minute with Benfield’s Marc Dummett making the tackle of the half, it looked all over when again Coleman advanced through but a brilliant tackle saved the situation. After Benfield had opened the scoring you would have thought that they would have taken the  game away from the visitors but it was in fact Penrith who were looking the more organised team and the most likely to get the next goal.

With just one minute of the half to go Benfield were awarded a free kick 30 yards out and only one thing was going to take place and that was a Brayson shot which was well saved by Penrith keeper Jonny Jamieson.  There ended the first half with Newcastle Benfield leading 1-0.
Only two minutes of the second half had elapsed when a foul by Stephen Tobin saw Kevin Connelly hit a well struck free kick ably saved by Grainger in the  Benfield goal.

In the 51st minute Penrith got the goal they deserved, a free kick out on the right wing was taken by Richard Bell to the far post finding the head of  KEVIN CONNELLY  who headed the ball towards goal getting a slight deflection off Benfield defender Mark Turnbull with the ball entering the net making the score 1-1.

The hour mark had arrived when another Grainger v Coleman moment came and again it was the keeper who came out on top saving the shot.

Benfield had used up all their three substitutes with twenty minutes of the game to go and from that time had to play with ten men, Marc Dummett who was having a fine game just  passed the  ball ten yards and  then crumpled to the ground in pain with no one near him. You could see that it was something serious as he never moved until after treatment from Physio Will Sharples and he was led off the field with a torn calf muscle.   Despite being down to ten men Benfield were defending resolutely restricting Penrith to long range efforts.

This was a game which was full of niggling fouls with the referee having to keep blowing and this didn’t allow the match to flow being stop start.

The free kick situation served Penrith better than Benfield as they were strong in the air and were good on set pieces. Gaining a free kick in the 68th minute Grainger was alert again to save a twenty yard strike from Richard Faustino. Ten more minutes had elapsed when in the 78th minute another free kick in Penrith’s favour found Grant Davidson free from a defender allowing him a free head at goal from 6 yards which he put wide.

Benfield were now wishing for the final whistle to go being down to ten men but had to wait and could have gone a goal down in the 86th minute had it not been for an excellent tackle for a corner by Lewis Scorgie denying Kevin Connelly after his strong run in on goal.
That was the last attack of note ending in a 1-1 draw with a brave show backs against the wall display from the home team.

Report by ALLAN YOUNG 
1. Andrew Grainger,
2. Mark Turnbull 
3. Marc Dummett 
4. Jack Errington  
5. Stephen Tobin  
6. Lewis Scorgie                                                                
7. Paul Blackett  
8. Kieran Wrightson  
9. Paul Brayson  
10. Scott McCarthy
11. Matty McCarthy

12. Josh Scott (replaced Blackett)  
13. Sam Busby                                                                        
14. Matthew Cornish (replaced Wrightson)  
15. Callum Uddgren  
16. Tom McNamee (replaced Tobin) 


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